Brian & Mike Caruso

Micar Fabrication & Design Company Inc. is a family owned Company and was machining aircraft, military and prototype parts for companies like Grumman Aerospace, Sperry, Fairchild Camera, Aircraft Specialties, Sikorsky Helicopter and NASA. In 1986 Mike Caruso Jr. moved the company and set-up operations in Las Vegas, Nevada and began to find work in this new and growing local market.

In 1993, Brian Caruso moved to Las Vegas to help his father grow the business. A year later, Brian took over the day-to-day operations of the Micar organization. The company continued to do research, development and manufacture prototype parts and the business began to grow and expand in the Las Vegas market.

Micar soon developed customers in the military and began manufacturing custom camera cases for long distance infra-red and daytime military camera systems as well as hand held military controllers and control boxes.

Micar is also instrumental in providing service support to several gaming companies, medical , surgical, pharmaceutical industries, stage & show productions, airport ground support and much more.

Micar is a fully tooled state-of-the-art machine shop with Cad-Cam Design, CNC Machine Milling Centers, CNC Turning Lathes, Surface Grinding, Heat treating, MIG & TIG welding as well as manual lathes and milling machines.